“After Adam Scott holed the winning putt in 2013 I decided that it was time to organize a trip to the 2015 US Masters for our club members ……… the easy part was making the decision to go – the hard part was how to organize it and who to use.

The thought of sending tens of thousands of dollars – money that was not mine, yet I was responsible for – to an operator that I had not met and did not know was daunting to say the least. With this in mind I spent a huge amount of time researching different options, operators and itineraries and looked at using local through to offshore organizers.

I was given the business card of “ThePatronsCaddy.com” in Augusta and through them I was put onto Chris Rigby. Straight away Chris sounded like the sort of person I wanted to deal with when it came to getting us exactly what we were looking for on our US Masters trip. He was accommodating in answering all of my questions and believe me when I say that I had a lot of questions to ask! In return Chris wanted to know what he could do to make our experience what we were hoping for. From the catering to the ground transport, from chair runners to what holes we wanted to sit at, Chris would plan our trip for what we wanted.

With all of this being said when it came time to push “confirm” on the first international money transfer I was still hesitant ……. But held my breath and pushed confirm anyway.
Time past and through a long series of emails and phone calls our trip was finalized and set in stone but as the next payment, followed by another payment my nervousness level did not really abate as I was responsible for 13 of my club members money.

Once we landed in Atlanta and met our drivers I knew everything was going to be alright.
As it turned out “alright” was an understatement – Our accommodation was great, the organization and timing of pickups and drop-offs was great, Chris coming and explaining to everyone each night what was going to happen the next day was great, the catering was phenomenal, and still talked about amongst the group, to get a Masters “Badge” knowing that were we about to step through the gates was exciting and to see and experience the wonderment of the Masters justified all of the work required to get our group from New Zealand to Augusta …… to cut a long story short it met and exceeded the expectations of everyone in our group. From the most discerning to the most laid back of those that came, everyone loved it!

For anyone else thinking of going to the Masters but does not know how to go about it or who to trust I can say to you that I know exactly how you feel and understand all of your anxieties, but do yourself a favour and use Chris Rigby, you will not regret it and will in fact be thankful that you did.

I will be taking another trip to the US Masters for more of our club members to experience and I will again be using Chris ……… the big difference is that next time I will have no hesitation in doing so and will relax from day one knowing that my group are going to absolutely love every minute of it.”

Andre’ White, Golf Professional, Manawatu Golf Club, New Zealand

“I’ve known Chris Rigby for many years – he is a friend of mine and we used to be competitors in the brokerage industry. I urge you to take his Masters Trip offer seriously – it is the best sporting event I’ve ever attended (and I am a sports fanatic who has attended plenty of events). While the Masters itself is special: Chris knows how to maximize the opportunity.

He had us up early, making sure we got the best seats in the house – he knew exactly how to make the best of those seats – and where to spend your time at different times in the day (when to go to the practice range, when to be on hole #3…when to move to hole #9 and 10 – and then settle in on #16)

My trip was a treat from a brother of mine – he treated our whole family (8 of us) to the event: and Rigby nailed it at every turn.

He had all the drives (to/from the course) organized…and had the meals set up in our rented home, such that we could maximize our time at the course and not worry about general living concerns.

Everything was exceptional, I cannot recommend the event enough.

You are in good hands with Mr. Rigby.”


“Chris is a stand-up guy of integrity and runs an amazing trip to the Masters (which I attended as his guest back in 2011). Each person I know that has gone on the trip with Chris has come away with their high expectations exceeded. Chris does his trip first-class all the way, from the drivers, house, meals and knowing the course inside out.  I know you will have a great time on the trip and can feel assured that you are in capable hands.”


“My wife and I went down for her 40th birthday in 2010 and had a great time. Riggs thinks of every detail, all you have to do is show up. Outstanding trip.”


“I attended the Masters golf tournament with Chris Rigby in 2009 and 2010.

Highlights were as follows:

  • General guidance provided for travel arrangements, flights, timing etc…. getting to Atlanta, and one year private into Augusta.
  • Full pickup and ground transport provided. Small vans but good for getting closer to gates than any big bus would have.
  • All food and drink provided at house in amplitude.
  • House was comfortable and all ours, cook/cleaner on staff so we could relax (its out of town and a bit of a drive but as I understand it being in town costs a lot and not worth it)
  • Badges all included

The best part however was the inside knowledge Chris has about the course, entry and access to best viewing spots. There is a culture there, and without his tips, our trip would have been about 60% of the experience. Total # of guys we had were 10 and everyone had a good time.

Testimonial – within half an hour of Angel Cabrea sinking final put on 10th hole to win in 2009, I had ordered my 2010 tickets – 2 OF THEM – to bring my dad back the next year. He was the oldest by 40 years but felt comfortable with the group. Everyone is in golf mode when there. The scene envelops you. We saw Phil Mickelson win that year and my dad will never forget the experience.”


“I attended the Masters as part of an 8 person group trip led by Chris Rigby. The trip was well planned and executed including transfers from airport to home rented for the tournament weekend. Meals, accommodation were great. With the tournament passes, Chris has a great game plan every day mostly to get trip participants as “close to the ropes” as possible on key holes in the tournament. This involves getting to the course early but it is enjoyable.

I have been down on this trip with friends and business colleagues and it is a great way to see the Masters for a serious golf fan.

“Well Chris, what can I say other than a huge sincere thank you. That was the best way to celebrate turning 40 and I loved every single minute. Honestly – everything was perfect and I wouldn’t have changed one thing. And of course the course and the tournament and the players were out of this world, but all the details that you did were just as great. The big blue beer truck ride, the awesome place stacked with food and Bibles, the Southern driver, the early line-ups and charges to the perfect seats, the Southern meals at night, the stories of past Masters and all the tips for where to get pictures and what to do (and of course the private jet ride where I am comfortable and tipsy typing this email).


THANK YOU! Enjoy the rest,”